What Our Users Say About Healthie

“Healthie was the tool I needed to fundamentally change my relationship with food.”

- Amanda, PA

Why thousands of Americans use Healthie

Seamless communication

Secure video conferencing, messaging, and real-time comments on nutrition & fitness choices from your provider means you have the accountability and support when it matters the most

A modern food journal

Picture-based food logging to support mindful, proactive eating choices. Plus, track your workouts, key metrics, and more.

Medical-grade security

Healthie meets HIPAA-compliant standards used by America's hospitals and health systems for security and privacy. So, as you complete all your paperwork electronically, rest-assured it's protected.

Results to be proud of

Set and achieve goals and track your progress overtime. Over 80% of Americans who work with a nutrition professional make substantial progress towards their health goals.

An integrated mobile app

Empower your patients to track all of their health activity - from food, workouts, health metrics, and more. Monitor their progress and performance in between appointments to make sure they stay on course, and be there to cheer patients on as they reach their milestones.

Simplify the administrative parts of working with a provider

Electronically complete your paperwork and assessments

Review documents, meal plans, recipes, and more

Purchase appointments and packages online

Schedule sessions and receive reminders

Upload and share lab reports and other health documents

Automatically share your food journal and other notes, no separate system required

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Healthie cost?

Access to the Healthie web and mobile portals are free and always will be. If you are working with one of our providers, they will establish rates based on their practice & type of care.

I'm not currently working with a nutritionist. Can you match me with

We'd love to. Please contact us, and we'll connect you with a professional based on your region, specialty, and desired scope of service.

Is my care covered by insurance?

It totally depends on your insurance. We wish the answer was always "yes", and we're getting there, but right now it'll depend on your carrier. If you have any questions and think you may be eligible, please contact your provider.

Is Healthie secure? someone?

Yes! Healthie is fully HIPAA-compliant, which means that we meet or exceed nationally-regulated standards for data security and privacy. Your information is highly protected, and never shared with individuals or entities without your explicit permission.