We believe technology that empowers nutrition professionals will meaningfully improve healthcare outcomes


More than 65% of America struggles with diet-related chronic conditions. Despite this, fewer than 5% of these individuals access nutritional care.

Our goal is to build seamless tools that enable quality care, and we aren't stopping until nutrition is a fundamental component of our healthcare system.

Healthie enables providers and corporations to build strong, longitudinal, and real-time relationships with clients, designed for a 21st century lifestyle.

Our core beliefs

It has never been easier for a nutrition professional to start, run, and grow a private practice - technology is reducing the time and cost required to a business.
Corporations, healthcare institutions, and insurance companies have a responsibility to provide fundamental nutritional care to lives under management.
More Americans need more nutritional counseling - current affordability and accessibility to care for weight-related chronic disease, eating disorders, medical conditions, and food sensitivities is insufficient.
Nutritional care in America is at its infancy - increasing insurance reimbursement for preventive services (finally!), the rise of telemedicine, and the ability to deliver clinically-effective nutritional counseling and coaching virtually, will accelerate this industry.

We are passionate, dedicated and mission-driven

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