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Healthie Helped Angela Grow Her Practice by 477%

When Angela Gallagher, RDN, wanted to scale her private practice, she knew she needed to incorporate cutting edge technology into her workflow, maximize her efficiency in managing a solo practice, and free her time to focus on providing unparalleled care for her clients.

Angela Gallagher

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What Makes Healthie Different

It’s Designed For You

We know that software made for doctors won’t work for your business. Healthie was built specifically for health and wellness professionals.

It’s Comprehensive

Healthie has all the functionality you need to run a successful business, in one software. No more cobbling together different tools.

It Builds Client Relationships

Close relationships with your clients are critical to care outcomes. Healthie enables you to collaborate with clients - on logging, messaging, goal setting, paperwork, and more.

It Helps You Generate Revenue

Healthie enables you to boost your income with new services, extended reach, and packages. You’ll spend less time on administrative tasks and more on client care and growing your business.

It Prioritizes Your Success

We offer tips and resources to help you grow. That includes exclusive webinars, support, e-books, and a strong provider community.

It’s Secure

Keeping your client information protected is critical. Healthie is HIPAA-, PIPEDA-, and Level 1 PCI-compliant.

It’s Constantly Evolving

We invest in new features, enhancements, and partnerships to improve your efficiency and support you in this evolving field.

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