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How Healthie can grow your practice

“Healthie helped my practice grow by 477%!”

Angela Gallagher

When Angela Gallagher, RDN, founder of Hungry For Health, wanted to scale her private practice, she knew she needed to incorporate cutting edge technology into her workflow, maximize her efficiency, and free her time to focus on providing unparalleled client care.

Before Healthie

Angela was looking to get Hungry For Health online, extending its reach to more clients. Initially, she was managing her practice across multiple platforms, which felt fragmented and was way too time-consuming. She was using:

Angela found that these services lacked RDN-specific features, were often “clunky,” and required multiple wasted hours of linking and switching tools to get work done.

After Healthie

When Angela switched to Healthie, she was able to:

01 Save Time
Do all of her practice management in one platform, eliminating time spent maneuvering between systems.
02 Build a Referral Pipeline
Angela used Healthie’s built-in efax feature to stay in close communication with referring providers and insurance networks. She was thrilled to be able to seamlessly maintain continuity of care, regardless of which EHR or health portal her referring providers used. By easily providing care updates to referring physicians, Angela built a strong base of referrers. This steady stream of inbound clients helped her practice achieve strong and consistent growth.
03 Book Clients Through Her Site
Angela’s growth also came from her practice’s marketing, online presence, and website. Angela was surprised by the number of clients who came to her practice with no physician referral. To optimize revenue opportunities and increase convenience for clients, Angela embedded her Healthie calendar on her website. This created a streamlined online booking experience for clients: clients are able to get started immediately by booking directly on her site.
04 Improve Client Engagement
Many of Angela’s Melbourne, Florida, clients are involved in the aerospace industry and appreciate the cutting edge technology of her practice. She says, “Many clients continue to comment how easy the Healthie nutrition platform is to use…The streamlined communication with clients is beneficial for both my practice and clients, allowing for personalized nutrition care that can result in lasting health changes in a shorter length of time.”
05 Measure Growth
Angela uses Healthie’s dashboard to track her key practice metrics, and was impressed with her growth over the past year. As a result of major strategic decisions, like adding Healthie to her practice, enhancing her online marketing, and utilizing business courses, Hungry For Health grew 477% in 2016 compared to 2015. She is on track to provide a similar return moving forward and is excited to see what the future will bring.

“Healthie was the vehicle that helped our business explode!”

Jeanne Petrucci

When Jeanne Petrucci, MS, RDN, developed Living Plate, a multi-dietitian private practice, she knew close contact with clients would be essential. Jeanne relied on the latest technologies for dietitians, but felt scattered until she found Healthie.

Before Healthie

Jeanne recognized early on in her nutrition career that she wanted to create a food-focused practice. In order for her culinary-focused practice to succeed, Jeanne knew she needed to include technology that would keep clients engaged. She was using:

To make sense of the different technologies they were piecing together, Jeanne’s group practice took 4 days off from their regularly-scheduled clients for a training retreat.

Even after extensive training, Jeanne’s practice still felt fragmented. Jeanne reports,

“Pre-Healthie, I found myself fussing so much with various platforms, it was like I was juggling all the time. The lack of consolidation was maddening.”

Constantly switching back and forth among 4 desktop tabs and 3 mobile apps was also time-consuming. Jeanne reports feeling held back: “[The] integration of so many different tools really slowed us down, and it was tough for my clients.”

When clients pushed back or flat out refused to use various pieces of technology to work with a Living Plate dietitian, Jeanne knew something had to change. After this immense effort to “make it work,” with a hefty price tag, Jeanne found a better solution.

After Healthie

When Jeanne’s practice switched to Healthie, they were able to:

01 Focus on Growth
“Post-Healthie, a sense of order was established.” Seamless processes saved hours every week, which not only helped Living Plate grow their patient volume, but also freed up time for Jeanne to pursue other business opportunities. Jeanne exclaims, “Healthie was the vehicle that helped our business explode!”
02 Have Continuity of Care
Having all practice management features in one place helps the dietitians at Living Plate support one another. If one RD is out of the office, another dietitian - with client permission - can jump in, quickly get caught up, and provide a seamless care experience.
03 Transition Easily
Jeanne was nervous about switching to a new practice management platform, especially with nearly 500 patient records to transfer. However, Jeanne’s practice was very happy with Healthie’s support. “When I had a problem with previous platforms, I would have to wait days for so many people get back to me. Now, it’s in one place. All of us [on the Living Plate team] would answer that it was 100% worth making the switch.”
04 Provide an Easy Client Experience
Having just one technology platform is much more approachable for Living Plate clients. “Our clients have enough to worry about about when trying to make behavior changes,” says Jeanne. “They don’t need to feel overwhelmed from multiple technology components. Healthie allows us to engage our clients on multiple levels… to touch our clients in a variety of ways, which ensures their success!”
05 Extend Their Services
Releasing weekly videos and webinars through Healthie’s Education feature is what Jeanne is most excited about for January 2018. This helps spread Living Plate’s mission of delivering nutrition education that incorporates culinary experiences to a larger audience.

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