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Switching over to Healthie is easy

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We take care of data transfer, import, and migration. We have migrated over 25,000 client records into Healthie from more than 12 tools. We also offer a transition support team and many resources.

Your subscription includes:

One-on-one introduction call with a Healthie Specialist
Follow-up meetings to customize your specific workflow
Live chat support
Videos and tutorials with setup instructions and tips
Help with integrations, from embedding your calendar on your site to syncing wearable data
Help with importing your records from any prior tools into Healthie
The Healthie Mastermind Group, with forums for sharing ideas and getting advice
Blog posts and emails, with ideas for using the platform and new features
Ebooks on branding, marketing, and growing your business
Marketing and business bootcamps on how to grow your business*

Transfer Records With Confidence

Migrating your data to Healthie is easy - send it to us, and we’ll populate your Healthie account. Here are some details:

  • Download data from your existing EMR/EHR or other tools
  • Upload your files into Healthie’s Documents section or contact us and we can upload it into your account. We accept all record formats, including excel files, CSVs, PDFs, and more.

When complete, you’ll see data in Healthie, accessible from any device.

Send Us Your Data

What Makes Healthie Different

It’s Designed For You

Healthie was designed specifically for health and wellness professionals who want to build long term relationships with their clients.

It’s Comprehensive

Healthie has all the functionality you need to run a successful business, in one software. No more cobbling together different tools.

It Builds Client Relationships

Close relationships with your clients are critical to care outcomes. Healthie enables you to collaborate with clients - on logging, messaging, goal setting, paperwork, and more.

It Helps You Generate Revenue

Healthie enables you to boost your income with new services, extended reach, and packages. You’ll spend less time on administrative tasks and more on client care and growing your business.

It Prioritizes Your Success

We offer tips and resources to help you grow. That includes exclusive webinars, support, e-books, and a strong provider community.

It’s Secure

Keeping your client information protected is critical. Healthie is HIPAA-, PIPEDA-, and Level 1 PCI-compliant.

It’s Constantly Evolving

We invest in new features, enhancements, and partnerships to improve your efficiency and support you in this evolving field.

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