Your all in one billing platform: Enter your business information, choose your favorite Clearinghouse, and file insurance claims online.
Eliminate duplicate data entry: Insurance information pre-fills in from client entered or previous statements generated.
Track claim status in real-time: Log of reimbursed, pending, and denied claims automatically updates.

Healthie is your comprehensive and integrated billing platform that manages your finances

Benefit from built-in safeguards designed to minimize errors in claims submission.
Export claims as .txt files to upload to your preferred Clearinghouse to submit insurance claims online.
Utilize our direct integration with Office Ally to conveniently send/receive claims and see claim status details directly within Healthie.
Track insurance authorization and eligibility within Healthie.
Generate Superbills: Takes 30 seconds to create and share a Superbill with a client.
ICD-10 / CPT codes: Up-to-date directory of diagnosis and treatment codes for health and wellness professionals.
Insurance cards: Clients can upload insurance information, stored securely in your shared portal.
Information Pre-fills: Eliminate redundant data entry as insurance fields pre-fill from previous claims and stored client profile information.

Tailor your payments workflow across your organization

Biller-level permissions: Add a centralized biller to manage claims for the business, or do it on your own.
Standardize Organization NPI: Each provider can have their own NPI, or you can set one across the organization.
Leverage shared information: One central place to store location information, referring providers, and needed information to make billing submission a breeze.