Set your intake flow: A virtual stack of new client paperwork that clients can submit electronically.
View form completion status: Real-time tracking of which forms clients have completed, and receive notifications when forms are completed.
Collect billing and insurance information: Securely request credit card information and set cancellation policies, collect insurance information to streamline client onboarding.

Integrated into the rest of your online platform

Client information collected from intake forms and chart notes can pre-fill into subsequent notes, to save time on charting and administrative tasks.
E-fax forms, documents, and charting templates directly from Healthie’s EHR.
Receive client-specific documents like lab reports, previous medical history, and physician referrals.
ICD-10 and CPT database makes for easy generation of CMS 1500 claims and superbills.
E-sign intake forms: Clients can e-sign disclaimers and policies, sign your chart notes after a session.
Metrics tracking: Leverage existing metrics (BMI, Mifflin St. Jour) and create your own for clients to complete.
Accessible on any device: Set up stations for clients to complete forms before your visit, view forms and charting notes on the go.
Form building support: Our team will build your existing intake form and charting templates - included in your membership.

Share charting notes and templates across your organization

Define chart templates: Share templates with your team based on the services they offer.
Share completed forms and chart notes: Coordinate care and improve client outcomes by sharing information across providers within your team.
Establish protocols: Set standard ways to take notes on clients during a session, and download notes in CSV for business insights.