Healthie’s Mission

We believe more people need access to nutritional care. We make it easy for nutrition and wellness professionals to run their businesses and build close relationships with clients. Our technology platform gives providers tools they need to succeed in coaching and care, contributing to a society with better healthcare outcomes.

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Why Healthie Exists


The Beginning

I watched my mom struggle with weight loss and yo-yo dieting for 25 years.

Finally, my dad’s employer started offering nutritional care through a corporate benefits program.

My mom lost 35 pounds - and has kept it off for over 5 years - working with a dietitian.

My family’s life was changed forever because of nutritional care. My mom successfully prevented the onset of diabetes and heart disease; her quality of life is substantially different.

I fundamentally believe that this is the healthcare experience that everyone deserves. I started digging into the industry - this is what I found:

“85% of people who work with a nutrition professional reach a tangible health outcome; however, fewer than 5% of Americans actually have access to this type of care.”

Meeting Cavan


I met Cavan, our Chief Technology Officer, and we quickly got to work to change this reality.

We spoke with hundreds of dietitians, nutritionists, and health coaches to understand the hurdles and challenges they face in providing nutritional care:

Nutrition professionals were frustrated that 40% of a work day was spent on back-office tasks, diverting time away from helping clients.

Tools designed for hospitals and physicians didn’t meet their needs, given the importance of long-term relationships with clients.

Our providers were piecing together 5-7 different platforms to build a practice because there was no comprehensive tool on the market.

Creating Healthie

We started from scratch, re-thinking what it meant to be a practice management tool, communication platform, food logging and goal tracking app, scheduler and EHR / charting tool, all-in-one.

We built a tool for all of health and wellness - not just for weight loss.

We knew that our platform would need to be easy-to-use, fun for clients, and quite frankly, unlike anything else that existed on the market.

Healthie today is much more than a technology company. We are a growing community, and our goal is to empower providers and together shape the future of nutritional care.

Healthie is…

“Powering thousands of health and wellness professionals”

Healthie is…

“Processing millions in revenue for our providers, every year”

Healthie is…

“Being used in over 25 countries worldwide”

Healthie's Values



We are honest - with each other, and with our customers.



For us, relationships are everything. We work together to provide the best experience for you and your clients.



We embrace change, work faster, and build industry-defining technology.



We care about building a best-in-className company and product.

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Alyson H.

My account manager actually called me and walk me through the whole process. His customer service and response completely blew me away and has me so excited to be part of Healthie now.

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