Same login information: Use the same login and password you do on the web platform.
Access client information: Access journal, chat, calendar, and other core features of Healthie right through the mobile app.
Native iPhone and Android app: You and your clients can access Healthie on all major devices.

Access your Healthie account, anytime, anywhere

Check in to see client progress and posts, message with clients, and access records.
Add clients to your Healthie CRM tool, manage your calendar on the go.
Use Healthie’s mobile health app to build stronger, longer-lasting relationships with your clients while maintaining professional boundaries.
View your calendar: Stay on schedule by viewing upcoming sessions and booking clients using the appointment scheduling app.
Check-in on clients: Access your clients’ records, comment on meals, and message on the go.
Push notifications: Stay up to date with customizable notifications.
Real-time sync: Switch between working within the web portal and your app, as both sync updates automatically.

Give your clients a way to log meals and workouts, track progress, message you, and stay connected wherever you are

Food & Lifestyle Tracking: Log food, symptoms, journal entries, workouts, metrics, and sync with wearable trackers.
Access your materials: Review and upload documents, access Programs, and review upcoming sessions.
Connect with you: Clients can message and join video sessions with you on the go.